Anacapa School reaches for the stars with STEAM power

Republished from Graduate research fellow Levi Maaia focuses his research on digital literacies in teaching and learning and ways in which technology-enabled learning programs can be adapted in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.  For the past five years he has taught media and technology courses to grades 7-12 at Anacapa […]

International Space Station contact is a success

KEYT-TV news story HD video of the ISS contact Facebook photos On May 22, 2013, Anacapa School students had a chance to speak with NASA Astronaut and former Navy SEAL Christopher J. Cassidy via a live Amateur Radio link to the International Space Station (ISS) (Astronaut Chris Cassidy’s NASA Bio). The 10-minute Q&A session with NA1SS […]

Anacapa School Space Synthesis Unit review

NASA Astronaut Rick Linnehan was the keynote speaker during the three-day intensive 2013 Synthesis Unit “Space: Where Are We Going” at Anacapa School. Each year, the Anacapa School Synthesis Unit provides students with unique opportunities to explore a topic in depth.  Expert speakers make individual 45-minute presentations with time for questions and answers. After three days […]

Anacapa to Host Space Experts Including NASA Astronaut Linnehan

I’ve been working as the coordinator with a team of faculty members at Anacapa School on an exciting unit on space.  Watch videos of the 2013 Synthesis Unit speakers. Here is the media release: January 7, 2013 — Santa Barbara, Calif. This month, students at Anacapa School will have the honor of having experts on hand […]

Anacapa to Host Live Q&A with the International Space Station

Student space exploration group works with S.B. Amateur Radio Club to connect to astronauts October 4, 2012 — Santa Barbara, Calif. Students and faculty of Anacapa School are preparing for a rare event that will allow them to make contact with an astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) via amateur radio as part […]

Noozhawk – Anacapa School teacher speaks at ‘Freedom to Connect’ conference

Santa Barbara Noozhawk 5/24/2012: Anacapa School teacher speaks at ‘Freedom to Connect’ conference Santa Barbara Noozhawk had a nice write-up on my visit to Washington, D.C. for the “Freedom to Connect” conference.

AAHAB-2: A near space adventure in education and Amateur Radio [video]

In September of 2010 students at the school formed the Anacapa Near Space Exploration Club.  The crew set their sights on building a high-altitude balloon probe to launch into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  The first team designed and built Anacapa Amateur High-Altitude Balloon 1 (AAHAB-1), which launched on May 22, 2011, returning stunning still images […]

Amateur Radio Newsline – AAHAB-2

Amateur Radio Newsline™ 5/11/2012: Report 1813 Bill Pasternak of Amateur Radio Newsline, aired an interview on May 11 with me about the Anacapa Near Space Exploration Club’s AAHAB-2 near space balloon probe.  We talked about the exciting launch that reached 111,814 feet above California’s Central Valley.

KEYT 3 News – Anacapa’s near space ballon

John Palminteri interviewed the ANSEC crew about the success of AAHAB-2’s flight to 111,814 feet above the Earth’s surface.

Letter of congratulations to ANSEC crew

Anacapa Near Space Exploration Club AAHAB-1 Team Members 814 Santa Barbara Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Dear AAHAB-1 Team Members: I am still floating from the major success of the balloon launch. I hope you all know how much of an achievement this project was. Each one of you contributed in a major way to […]