Media release: Anacapa’s near space balloon launch is a success

Students capture photos and environmental data from 90,000 feet above Earth’s surface See more photos in the Facebook album. S.B. News-Press: Students explore atmosphere with balloon-equipped camera S.B. Independent: Anacapa School Skirts the Stratosphere KCLU Public Radio: Lance Orozco’s radio feature story S.B. EdHat: Anacapa School’s Launch a Success Noozhawk: Anacapa School Project Soars to Stratospheric […]

KCLU/NPR – Anacapa’s space mission


Yesterday, Lance Orozco from the NPR affiliate station in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties came to the Anacapa School to interview my students and me about our plans to launch the Anacapa Amateur High Altitude Balloon 1 (AAHAB-1) on Saturday.  His story aired this morning on KCLU. Listen to KCLU’s radio news story (mp3 | […]

“Ground Control to Anacapa School” – A near space mission

T-minus four days, nine hours until lift off of AAHAB-1, Anacapa School’s first near space probe!  What is a near space probe?  Never mind that … what is “near space?” Over the past few years the proliferation of GPS-enabled devices, as well as compact and light-weight digital photography, has helped give bloom to a burgeoning […]

New Web site launch: Anacapa School

Today, ComCreations completed the launch of the Anacapa School’s new online portal.  The new site replaces a nearly 10 year old design.  By using WordPress and a theme based on Modularity Lite, the new site allows the office staff to make easy updates, as well as feature various school events and activities on the front page with a […]

‘Paratrooper:’ WWII veterans recall experiences in the 101st & 82nd Airborne

The very first project I assigned to my students in 2008, my first year teaching the digital media course at the Anacapa School, was a documentary film.  “Paratrooper” is an incredible yet touching account by two Santa Barbara-area veterans, Art Petersen and Robert Forties.  Today being Veterans Day it seemed appropriate to share this gem […]

Radio show: Mind’s Eye: Sue Cronmiller & the Poets of El Sol

Sue Cronmiller, the founding director of the UC Irvine Poetry Academy and Writing LAB at El Sol was on the show yesterday. The collected works of her students as young as 3rd grade from 2003 to 2008 has recently been released in the paperback entitled Mind’s Eye. Sue shared stories of her unique dual-language immersion […]

Radio show: Net neutrality & the future of online free speech

The Internet has quickly evolved into one of our most important national resources. However, a recent court decision may change what you have access to through your online connection. UC Santa Barbara communication researcher and network neutrality expert KK Holland talked with Tim and I this morning about the pros and cons of the issue. […]

Radio show: Dr. Seale on the Baja earthquake

The Easter Sunday Sierra el Mayor Earthquake in Mexico gave UC Santa Barbara seismologists an opportunity to gather earthquake data close to home. Dr. Sandra Seale, project specialist at UCSB’s Institute of Crustal Studies was on Intents & Purposes this morning to talk with Tim and me about the mechanics of these major ground shakers […]

Radio show: UCSB team develops tumor-seeking cancer drug

Dr. Erkki Ruoslahti, distinguished professor and founding member of the UC Santa Barbara-Sanford|Burnham Center, was in the studio this morning to share with us the details of his group’s very exciting breakthrough in cancer treatment.  His team may have unlocked an important door in the treatment of cancerous tumors with the discovery of an amino […]

The Anacapa School Band performs on TV

A performance by some of my students in The Anacapa School Band on Santa Barbara Channels cable 17 Teen Network News