Photos: Lightning over Santa Ynez Mountains

The new weather webcam has been up and running for less than a week and it has already captured some interesting phenomenon.  On the heels of a record-breaking heat wave, a stationary low pressure system hanging over northern Mexico has been steering subtropical moisture into Southern California.  This moist and unstable airmass is a perfect incubator for thunder storms which have popped up in SoCal over the past day and remain in the forecast through Sunday.

The K6LCM weather station and webcam uses a simple image capture system called iCam to recognize motion in the frame and capture it.  Designed for home security, iCam alerts my iPhone of the activity via push notification and saves the image frames in question (presumably in the hopes of catching a robber red-handed). 

In my case, the result for the past week has been an interesting collection of images of birds and bugs flying across the weather webcam’s  field of view.  Today, however, the convective activity over the mountains put on a show this evening and iCam snatched a few cool shots the moment the lightning struck.