Letter of congratulations to ANSEC crew

Anacapa Near Space Exploration Club
AAHAB-1 Team Members
814 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Dear AAHAB-1 Team Members:

I am still floating from the major success of the balloon launch. I hope you all know how much of an achievement this project was. Each one of you contributed in a major way to its success and it was obvious to everyone in attendance for your debriefing presentation at Breakfast Club on Thursday. Congratulations! This is just the beginning of many great things to come. I hope that the AAHAB-1 near space probe project has demonstrated to everyone that ingenuity is not dead. Just as Franklin flew a key on a kite in a thunderstorm, we used (somewhat) ordinary materials to make and discover some truly awesome things. Our efforts and dedication as “makers” and “hackers” (good hackers who hack together technology to work for them) paid off in a big way.

Suzie has asked that I get you all together one last time to help me document the project for posterity in your own words. As the pioneers of the Anacapa Near Space Exploration program you are among the first high school students in the world to create a project like this. Others have done this at the university level and with much help and many failed attempts. You must recognize that AAHAB-1 was truly an achievement for makers of any level and you are trailblazers for future near space explorers both at Anacapa and beyond. The data we collected and the design we used to collect it is important to preserve for the future.

Levi C. Maaia
ANSEC Faculty Advisor