AAHAB-2: A near space adventure in education and Amateur Radio [video]

In September of 2010 students at the school formed the Anacapa Near Space Exploration Club.  The crew set their sights on building a high-altitude balloon probe to launch into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  The first team designed and built Anacapa Amateur High-Altitude Balloon 1 (AAHAB-1), which launched on May 22, 2011, returning stunning still images from an altitude of 91,122 feet after its two-hour and 10-minute flight over the California Central Coast.

In 2012, a second team consisting of new and returning crew members Grayson Baggiolini, Julio Bernal, Alex Carlson, Christian Eckert and Genevieve Hatfield built off of the success with a second near space probe, AAHAB-2.  Team AAHAB-2 set even more ambitious goals including a live video downlink, high-definition recording, radiation sensors and live radio telemetry.  On May 5, 2012, AAHAB-2 returned to Earth after a project record-breaking flight peaking at more than 111,814 feet above the surface.

This video details the technical aspects of the project and was prepared as part of a special presentation at the 2012 Dayton Hamvention and also aired on the TWiT network’s Ham Nation.