WPRO – The Gene Valicenti Show: Would you watch Al Jazeera?

In the wake of Al Jazeera’s purchase of Current TV, Gene Valicenti invited me to be a guest on his Saturday morning radio show on WPRO in Providence to talk about Full Channel’s decision to carry Al Jazeera English. Listen to an mp3 clip from our discussion.

Anacapa to Host Live Q&A with the International Space Station

Student space exploration group works with S.B. Amateur Radio Club to connect to astronauts October 4, 2012 — Santa Barbara, Calif. Students and faculty of Anacapa School are preparing for a rare event that will allow them to make contact with an astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) via amateur radio as part […]

Endeavour’s farewell flight over Santa Barbara

Californians from Sacramento to Disneyland were treated to a rare treat today as the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its farewell flight from Edwards AFB to LAX by way of a scenic tour above the Golden State at low altitudes. NASA provided some advance clues to residents of both the San Francisco Bay Area and the […]

Freedom to Connect – Big enough to succeed: Small carriers at the leading edge [video]

F2C: Freedom to Connect 2012: Panel: Big enough to succeed: Small carriers at the leading edge — entrepreneurial (non-Municipal) carriers show a fourth way (after Telco, Cable and Muni) to the future of connectivity.) Panel at Freedom to Connect Conference, Washington DC, May 21 2012. Speakers: John Brown, CityLink Telecommunications Gary Evans, Hiawatha Broadband Communications […]

AAHAB-2: A near space adventure in education and Amateur Radio [video]

In September of 2010 students at the school formed the Anacapa Near Space Exploration Club.  The crew set their sights on building a high-altitude balloon probe to launch into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  The first team designed and built Anacapa Amateur High-Altitude Balloon 1 (AAHAB-1), which launched on May 22, 2011, returning stunning still images […]