United + Continental = ?

With the corporate board approval of the United and Continental airline merger the two companies launched a new Web site to promote the idea of creating the world’s largest airline.  For those of us in cities serviced by both airlines this might ultimately mean that there are fewer flight times and fares for our destinations, […]

Adobe Flash: Killing it softly

I read the now (in)famous Steve Jobs “Open Letter to Adobe Flash” last week. Jobs did an excellent job explaining his position. I agree that the insecure and proprietary system that seemed poised to dominate the web 8 years ago was misguided. The best sites on the Web don’t rely heavily on Flash (except for […]

Finding Feynman

I have enjoyed the stories, antics and brilliance of Dr. Richard Feynman since first reading “Surly You’re Joking Mr. Feynman” years ago.  Feynman rose to prominence during the Manhattan Project, received a Nobel Prize in Physics for theories I will have to wait for another life to understand and nearly single-handedly discovered the cause of […]

E*Trade’s two cents

Closed a savings account with E*Trade last week.  I told them they could keep the change but they insisted on sending me the balance.

The FBI’s newest tool: Google Images

This one from the This-Guy-Could-Be-Him file: The FBI recently used a photograph of Spanish politician Gaspar Llamazares as an example of what Osama Bin Laden might look like today. According to Reuters, FBI special agent Jason Pack said a forensic artist had been unable to find suitable features from the FBI’s database of photographs and […]

‘Obey’ the Law

Former Rhode Island School of Design student, Shepard Fairey the Los Angeles street artist known best for his Obama campaign posters and Obey Giant clothing and collectibles was sentenced today to two years probation for charges of “placing a poster on a Boston electrical box in September of 2000” according to the AP who said […]

Carlin’s conundrum

“If a radio station changes its call letters, moves its studio across town, hires all new disk jockeys, and changes the style of music it plays, but keeps the same frequency, is it still the same radio station? Suppose they change only the music?” -George Carlin

Another angle on praying

Another Angle on Praying (pdf) – Justin Maaia