A response to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s net neutrality annoucement

I am pleased to see that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski supports network neutrality.  Allowing unencumbered access to an “open Internet” is vital to its continuing value and to Americans’ right to free speech.  However, the chairman has not properly addressed a key underlying issue: content neutrality.  If Internet service providers (ISPs) are to discontinue discrimination […]

A letter to American Cable Assoc. president Matt Polka

May 1, 2009 Matt Polka, President American Cable Association One Parkway Center, Suite 212 Pittsburg PA 15220 Dear Matt: Network neutrality is an issue that I am passionate about both as a broadband operator and a ‘net’ user.  The Internet gained immense popularity as a platform for free speech that was accessible to any person.  […]

Life is a freeway: An independent operator’s argument for net neutrality

appeared in MultiChannel News: Voices, November 1, 2006 Net Neutrality is a topic that has crossed my desk several times this year.  Whatever the outcome of this debate,  it has the potential to be as defining an event for our culture,  as the advent of the ‘net was ten years ago. Many of my counterparts […]